Come out and join us for a night of GobbleCraft sponsored Hunger Games in their very own spawn!


On Thursday February 25th from 8 to 10pm EST (this is one of your Spring Break days) we will be hosting Minecraft HUNGERGAMES. The arenas have been built out of the Virginia Tech Minecraft Club's Spawn area!

Thanks to GobbleCraft for sponsoring the prizes!

  1. $25 Amazon Gift Card
  2. $15 Amazon Gift Card
  3. $10 Amazon Gift Card

Winners will be determined via the following: For the first 45 minutes of the event (from around 8 to 8:45) wins will be tallied. The top 12 players with the most wins will have the chance to compete in a large match. The final three survivors will each be given a prize, with the last survivor earning $25, second to last survivor earning $15, and the third earning $10. To get a shot at any of these prizes simply follow the steps below to join!

  1. Join the Hogehallmc Discord Server!
  2. Join the Hunger Games Event Lobby (at the time of the event):
  3. Wait for a staff member to explain how to play (will happen at around 8:05 pm).
  4. Win!


To play you need to have:

Photos (build in progress):