Modded MC Installation

Go to and install the Twitch launcher for your OS. Sign in or create an account.

Click on ‘Mods’

And then go to ‘Minecraft’



Click on ‘Browse Modpacks’

Find the search bar and type ‘leehall’

Click ‘install’

You may continue to the next step while this installs.

At the top of the screen scroll over the 3 lines and click ‘File’ –> ‘Settings’



Click on ‘Minecraft’


Scroll down to ‘Java Settings’ and adjust the allocated memory slider. 

We recommend a MINIMUM of 5 gigs (if your pc only has 8 gigs of ram), and 8 gigs if you have 16 gigs of ram in your computer

When complete, you may open the Minecraft launcher through Twitch and add as the IP!

The dev team has worked very hard to prepare this server! Huge thank you to the HHMMC team!

If you are experiencing any issues, contact the mod team through the #minecraft channel in Discord.