How to use discord

If you are new to discord this quick tutorial should bring you up to speed on what it is and how to use it

What is discord?

Discord it a chat service aimed at the gaming community, it has many features to help different groups organize and collaborate. In the case of our discord we are using it to allow users from Lee Hall (and sometimes else where) to talk about things that wouldn’t really makes sense to on the groupmes. Recently we’ve added new functionality to the discord like a bot to announce vtgems events and a entire system to help with school work.

How to use discord

This tutorial goes over how to use the computer client for discord.


On the left of your panel you’ll notice the servers. This is where the servers (like the galipatia server) you join will show up. You can click on them to see their channels.


On the left side of your screen after clicking on our server you will see something similar to this:

These are the channels on the server you clicked on, they are generally organized by topic and can come in two varieties, text and voice. A text channel is indicated by the # in front of it while a voice channel has a speaker.

Text Channels

Within a text channel you can chat with other users like you would on groupme and can view a chat channel at anytime. Within each chat you can type messages, post links, send files (under 8mb… dang it discord) among other things. You can even style your text, more info here:

Voice Channels

Voice channels are different, you can only join one channel at a time and your screen wont change when you join it, instead you will see this (in the bottom left):

Using a microphone you can now talk to other users in that channel.

Users who have a green outline (including you) are talking, or broadcasting. If you don’t want to broadcast your voice whenever you talk you can set a push-to-talk button within discords settings (accessed by clicking on the gear by your name in the bottom left [shown two pictures above]) which will only broadcast your voice when you are holding that button down.


With all these cool features, we are gonna need people to use them. To see what users are on the server (if your wondering if your friend is online) you can look at the panel on the far right.

Here we see 2 categories, a bot, a pink user, and an offline user. First we notice that there are 2 users in the online category. The first is dyno who is a bot denoted by the word bot by his name… The second is nomad who is pink for some reason and has a crown. The last user is in the offline category… pretty self explanatory. Looking back at the pink user we take a second look at the crown, a crown my a users name denotes the server owner (they are like the ultimate admin, although I know this one irl and hes not very good). We also wonder why they are colored pink, to figure this out we click on them:

We now see that they are a member of the gems-test role giving them a different color.


Roles allow the users to do different things on the server, think of it as admin levels. On our server we have many roles, the most common are mentor and tutor. Mentors or committee members in Galipatia have orange names while those who have volunteered to help others out with classwork have blue names.


If you want to get ahold of a person you can ping them (or send them a notification) by typing @<PERSON'SUSERNAME>.

Other questions

If you are still confused you can ask questions in one of the chats in the discord. Discord>Galipatia ’19-’20>general

If you are not already in the discord you can join using this link: