Player Bulletin – 06/20/20

Topics in this bulletin:

  • New world
    • New Spawn
    • New Builds near spawn
  • Featured Creations
  • Current Issues and Challenges
    • Lag
    • Website downtime
  • Events

New World

A brand new world has been made for the Galipatia class of 2024! This would can be accessed via the new spawn (see below), anyone can use it no matter your class. As of this time Keep Inventory is NOT enabled for the new world and it’s respective nether and end.

New Spawn

To help organize the new worlds we’ve added a new spawn! This is where new players will first spawn and it can be accessed via portals near both of the world’s spawn points. It acts as a gate way between each of the worlds!

New Builds

We (the mod team) are very excited to see new builds being constructed in the new world! We encourage people to check out the new builds and submit builds of their own to the website (see the featured creations section below).

Featured Creations

Featured Creations is back! This time we’ve updated our website to include creations from both the old and the new worlds! You can submit a creation that you’ve built to the hogehallmc mod team and a small write up about the creation (your username, what it is, any interesting details, etc) and we’ll put it on the website! (At the mod’s discretion, where not gonna display something that is inappropriate or looks like shit, Sorry! ). If you would like to submit a creation to the website let us know in the "minecraft" channels in either the 19-20 or 20-21 Galipatia Discord Servers!

Current Issues and Challenges


We are currently having issues with lag and are looking into the cause of the issue, if this issue effects you greatly or you have information that might help us track down the issue let us know in the discord.

Website downtime

Nomad, our website host, will be moving in early July and our website will be down for this time. We are working on moving or setting up another website to provide access to the map and other links during this time.


We currently don’t have any events planned but are open for ideas in the future if anyone has recommendations. We have had ideas to hold spleef torments or similar activities, if this is something you are interested in let us know in the discord!