Damage Recovery – 06/26/20

Damage of new world spawn.
NOTE: we’ve rolled back to before the damage, the current world does NOT look like this, although you can download this world below.

Recently we’ve updated to Minecraft 1.16.1 but unfortunately updating has damaged many of our plugins. Our untimely realization of this caused irreversible damage to the world file. Faced with this issue we’ve decided to roll back a few days till before we updated. This unfortunately will also remove any builds or progress players have made since then. We’ve discussed this issue thoroughly and decided that this is the best way to handle this.


We know how hard it is to pick up and rebuild after losing progress you’ve worked so hard to achieve, so we’ve set up a reimbursement system. If you’ve lost progress due to the update, upon request, we will give you any lost blocks and materials used in your build as well as some extra materials to make up for the time spent building / mining. We know this isn’t ideal but unfortunately we are faced with a difficult decision. To supplement this issue we will be offering the new world file (20-21) for download on our site if you would prefer to continue your build offline. Click here to download the world file.

Lessons learned

All updates in the future will be done cautiously and only when we’ve established a stable system. You can expect updates to take longer but transitions to be smoother. Upon the release of a new update we will run a test server along side our normal server, we will likely open this server to the public as a ‘beta’. Once we have thoroughly tested this server instance the old world will be placed in it and it will become our main server. This will prevent similar issues as we will be able to test all issues without fear of losing player data and make the transition instantaneous when and only when we have fixed all the bugs. Additionally, we shouldn’t let Rob handle server upgrades by himself anymore.

We apologize for this loss of data and hope to find ways to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Help out the team!

So clearly, this is our first rodeo. We are still working out the kinks. Are you looking for ways to help out or get involved with the HogeHallMC team? Here’s what you can do:

  • Play on the server! – Players are what keep us going!
  • Donate to the mod team!
  • Want to join the team as an admin? Message either Mario or Nomad and include your resume and LinkedIn profile. Just kidding, tell us what you have to offer, we’d love to expand our team and receive input from everyone!