Player Bulletin – 03/01/20

Where we are at now

The lee hall minecraft server is currently on Mario’s machine after a successful transfer last night. This is a computer with moderate specs connected to the internet over wifi (yuck). We are working on getting it wired but in the meantime if you are experiencing lag or disconnect please let us know so that we can understand what is breaking and where. We’ve had issues with our wired connection in the past and are currently diagnosing it.

Where we are going

The lee hall minecraft server will remain on Mario’s machine until the end of the semester. We currently have not made a definitive plan on where its going after that. We would like to keep it running next year for the next group of Galipations (and all of you who are returning). Thanks to Damon we are considering using AWS in the future.

Other info

There has been talk among the mod team of a vtgems social event put on by the leehallmc mod team and the social committee, if we decide to go through with it we will post a few announcements in this chat. We also have gotten in contact with the VT minecraft server GobbleCraft and are working on a leehallmc – GobbleCraft sponsored spleef event. Stay tuned for that as well.

Featured Creations

We are still adding featured creations to the website, if you would like your creation added let us know in the discord!


The leehallmc mod team is always trying to improve and add to the server, if you have anything you’d like to see from us (fixing an issue or adding a new feature) let us know. We will try our best to work with ya but due to limited time and know how we cant guarantee that we can add everything you request.