Damage Recovery – 06/26/20

Damage of new world spawn.
NOTE: we’ve rolled back to before the damage, the current world does NOT look like this, although you can download this world below.

Recently we’ve updated to Minecraft 1.16.1 but unfortunately updating has damaged many of our plugins. Our untimely realization of this caused irreversible damage to the world file. Faced with this issue we’ve decided to roll back a few days till before we updated. This unfortunately will also remove any builds or progress players have made since then. We’ve discussed this issue thoroughly and decided that this is the best way to handle this.


We know how hard it is to pick up and rebuild after losing progress you’ve worked so hard to achieve, so we’ve set up a reimbursement system. If you’ve lost progress due to the update, upon request, we will give you any lost blocks and materials used in your build as well as some extra materials to make up for the time spent building / mining. We know this isn’t ideal but unfortunately we are faced with a difficult decision. To supplement this issue we will be offering the new world file (20-21) for download on our site if you would prefer to continue your build offline. Click here to download the world file.

Lessons learned

All updates in the future will be done cautiously and only when we’ve established a stable system. You can expect updates to take longer but transitions to be smoother. Upon the release of a new update we will run a test server along side our normal server, we will likely open this server to the public as a ‘beta’. Once we have thoroughly tested this server instance the old world will be placed in it and it will become our main server. This will prevent similar issues as we will be able to test all issues without fear of losing player data and make the transition instantaneous when and only when we have fixed all the bugs. Additionally, we shouldn’t let Rob handle server upgrades by himself anymore.

We apologize for this loss of data and hope to find ways to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Help out the team!

So clearly, this is our first rodeo. We are still working out the kinks. Are you looking for ways to help out or get involved with the HogeHallMC team? Here’s what you can do:

  • Play on the server! – Players are what keep us going!
  • Donate to the mod team!
  • Want to join the team as an admin? Message either Mario or Nomad and include your resume and LinkedIn profile. Just kidding, tell us what you have to offer, we’d love to expand our team and receive input from everyone!

Player Bulletin – 06/20/20

Topics in this bulletin:

  • New world
    • New Spawn
    • New Builds near spawn
  • Featured Creations
  • Current Issues and Challenges
    • Lag
    • Website downtime
  • Events

New World

A brand new world has been made for the Galipatia class of 2024! This would can be accessed via the new spawn (see below), anyone can use it no matter your class. As of this time Keep Inventory is NOT enabled for the new world and it’s respective nether and end.

New Spawn

To help organize the new worlds we’ve added a new spawn! This is where new players will first spawn and it can be accessed via portals near both of the world’s spawn points. It acts as a gate way between each of the worlds!

New Builds

We (the mod team) are very excited to see new builds being constructed in the new world! We encourage people to check out the new builds and submit builds of their own to the website (see the featured creations section below).

Featured Creations

Featured Creations is back! This time we’ve updated our website to include creations from both the old and the new worlds! You can submit a creation that you’ve built to the hogehallmc mod team and a small write up about the creation (your username, what it is, any interesting details, etc) and we’ll put it on the website! (At the mod’s discretion, where not gonna display something that is inappropriate or looks like shit, Sorry! ). If you would like to submit a creation to the website let us know in the "minecraft" channels in either the 19-20 or 20-21 Galipatia Discord Servers!

Current Issues and Challenges


We are currently having issues with lag and are looking into the cause of the issue, if this issue effects you greatly or you have information that might help us track down the issue let us know in the discord.

Website downtime

Nomad, our website host, will be moving in early July and our website will be down for this time. We are working on moving or setting up another website to provide access to the map and other links during this time.


We currently don’t have any events planned but are open for ideas in the future if anyone has recommendations. We have had ideas to hold spleef torments or similar activities, if this is something you are interested in let us know in the discord!

Player Bulletin – 04/30/20

Topics in this bulletin:

  • This server and the end of the academic year
  • upcoming events and hosting challenges
  • yep thats about it

This server and the end of the academic year

As it stands right now this server will continue till next year. Major changes will be made over the summer to best server the incoming freshman. These changes include: making a new world for the freshman (this current one will be set up as a multiverse world), re-evaluating current settings and plugins (system cleanup), and backup systems with the ability to for players to pull copies of the world files. Other changes might be made as they become obvious.

upcoming events and hosting challenges

Due to difficulties with plugin usage and lack of free time the spleef tournament has unfortunately been canceled. If you have other ideas for events you can let us know in the discord. During the summer we will face some hosting challenges, our website host will be moving their server’s physical location and the website will be down or at least lack some functionality for that time. We will also be looking into other opportunities/systems to host the website as the current set up isn’t sustainable. If you have any ideas or are interested in joining our current network of servers that host leehallmc’s systems let us know in the discord.

Player Bulletin – 03/01/20

Where we are at now

The lee hall minecraft server is currently on Mario’s machine after a successful transfer last night. This is a computer with moderate specs connected to the internet over wifi (yuck). We are working on getting it wired but in the meantime if you are experiencing lag or disconnect please let us know so that we can understand what is breaking and where. We’ve had issues with our wired connection in the past and are currently diagnosing it.

Where we are going

The lee hall minecraft server will remain on Mario’s machine until the end of the semester. We currently have not made a definitive plan on where its going after that. We would like to keep it running next year for the next group of Galipations (and all of you who are returning). Thanks to Damon we are considering using AWS in the future.

Other info

There has been talk among the mod team of a vtgems social event put on by the leehallmc mod team and the social committee, if we decide to go through with it we will post a few announcements in this chat. We also have gotten in contact with the VT minecraft server GobbleCraft and are working on a leehallmc – GobbleCraft sponsored spleef event. Stay tuned for that as well.

Featured Creations

We are still adding featured creations to the website, if you would like your creation added let us know in the discord!


The leehallmc mod team is always trying to improve and add to the server, if you have anything you’d like to see from us (fixing an issue or adding a new feature) let us know. We will try our best to work with ya but due to limited time and know how we cant guarantee that we can add everything you request.

Player Update – 02/27/20

moving the server

There will be a downtime of about 30 minutes sometime this weekend while we transfer the server back to Mario’s machine, This will likely occur late on Saturday or sometime on Sunday.

Player Update – 02/18/20

Player Update 02/18/20

Its that time of the week again, ya weekly Minecraft update. This week we haven’t made too much progress, boring file transfers and stuff like that.

Server Transfer

As off right now the scheduled downtime on Wednesday the 19 is going to be delayed. That means that yes you will be able to play minecraft instead of studying for that phys exam on Friday. You can expect the downtime to occur next week, more announcements will be posted as we approach that date.

The leehallmc mod team wishes you luck on all ya’ll exams!

Player announcement – 02/12/20

moving the server

During the next two weeks we will be preparing to move the server back to our original host @Mario#7603, during this time players should be aware of possible server outages. We will try to maximize uptime as much as possible, our planed server downtime is currently around 30 mins and should occur sometime around the 19th. It should be noted that unplanned downtime is also possible. Both the Minecraft server and website will be affected but status.leehallmc.com will remain operational throughout the process.

Player Bulletin – 02/07/20

What is this

This is the first of many player bulletins, this is where we let you know what’s going on with the server and what to expect from us. This will include things like our plan for the server, what features or systems we would like to add, the current state of the server, and whatever else we would like you all to know.

Featured Creations Update

Many of you saw the featured creations bulletin I released on the discord earlier this week, since then 7 entry’s have been added and the owners were notified before posting, due to not wanting to draw attention to your creations I can not add entries without the builder’s permission, so if you would like your creation posted either let me know or put your name on a sign near it so that I may contact you. You all have made some awesome things and I would like to put them on the website.

The current state of the server

Right now the Minecraft Server is being hosted on Caisson_Fairview’s computer, with the website’s being hosted on nomad’s server. This is a temporary setup and was put in place do to lag issues with our server host’s (Mario) internet. Once the internet issues are resolved the server will be moved back to Mario’s. This may occur anywhere from a few days away to a few months. The websites will likely stay on nomad’s server unless issues come up then they will be moved. We will work to make these transitions and smooth and as quick as possible.

Current Plan for the Server

We currently are thinking through the future of the Minecraft Server and what we would like to do with it. We have recently noticed that Virginia Tech doesn’t have a campus wide server and were thinking about opening up to the rest of campus. A few issues arise with this, server power, and a large enough mod team. Because of these issues this plan is still in development. If we decide to not open up the Virginia Tech we will likely work on keeping the server running for the next year (and next generation of Galipations). If you have any ideas on how to bring about these two plans or have input let us know.

The Mod Team

I don’t think the mod team has ever formally introduced them self’s and what they do, so Ill run through them for y’all. The lead of this project is mario, he is the original host and our main host, most of what leehallmc is was his work, as well as our graphic designer for the webstite. Sam_the_transcendent is our Minecraft specialist, he is responsible for things like the Hokiestone resource pack and helping us do things like get rid of the pillagers near spawn. Cassion_Fairview is our temporary host as well as server mod. And nomad is the systems engineer (although he can hardly be considered a true engineer), he is responsible for networking and setting things up like the website and making the server map easily accessible.

Featured Creations (player bulletin) – 02/03/20

featured creations page

I took a walk around the server yesterday and discovered that yall have made some pretty cool things. As silently stalked through your now invaded homes I thought to my self, "we need to put these on the website."

featured creations

If you are overly proud of your creation you can submit it to be placed in a new "featured creations" tab on the website. Creations have to be somewhat tasteful (we reserve the right to deny posting of a creation if we deem it unworthy, dun dun daaaa). Each entry on the website will consist of pictures of your creation, a little writing about the creation (written by you or us about what inspired it, how its designed, its function, and anything else interesting), its x and y coordinates (optional), and whatever else ya want (maybe a dynmap marker or something).

how to apply

If you want your creation on the website you can put a message in this chat, dm me (nomad), or for a few creations near spawn (with the creators name on them) I’ll mesg yall.

Service Update – 02/02/20

Dynmap is back

That super cool server map that we had last semester is now back, you can visit it by going to the website mentioned below. Note, it was recently started so it will need a few days to render the world again.

the website is now fully running

Our website is now back up to full operation (besides missing a few pictures and things), https://leehallmc.com but be warned it is directly connected with the operation of the server, If the server goes down it will bring the website with it. To help you guys out we made a status site mentioned below.

the server status site

https://status.leehallmc.com is a separate website that monitors the status of the Minecraft server, its is not affected by the operation of the server and if you are having trouble connecting to the website or the server you can visit it to check its status.

keep inventory

Beware, keep inventory may or may not be on when you get on, if it is off be sure to mesg @sam_the_transcendent#2591 about it, as well let us know by putting a message in the minecraft discord.