Featured Creations (player bulletin) – 02/03/20

featured creations page

I took a walk around the server yesterday and discovered that yall have made some pretty cool things. As silently stalked through your now invaded homes I thought to my self, "we need to put these on the website."

featured creations

If you are overly proud of your creation you can submit it to be placed in a new "featured creations" tab on the website. Creations have to be somewhat tasteful (we reserve the right to deny posting of a creation if we deem it unworthy, dun dun daaaa). Each entry on the website will consist of pictures of your creation, a little writing about the creation (written by you or us about what inspired it, how its designed, its function, and anything else interesting), its x and y coordinates (optional), and whatever else ya want (maybe a dynmap marker or something).

how to apply

If you want your creation on the website you can put a message in this chat, dm me (nomad), or for a few creations near spawn (with the creators name on them) I’ll mesg yall.