Service Update – 02/02/20

Dynmap is back

That super cool server map that we had last semester is now back, you can visit it by going to the website mentioned below. Note, it was recently started so it will need a few days to render the world again.

the website is now fully running

Our website is now back up to full operation (besides missing a few pictures and things), but be warned it is directly connected with the operation of the server, If the server goes down it will bring the website with it. To help you guys out we made a status site mentioned below.

the server status site is a separate website that monitors the status of the Minecraft server, its is not affected by the operation of the server and if you are having trouble connecting to the website or the server you can visit it to check its status.

keep inventory

Beware, keep inventory may or may not be on when you get on, if it is off be sure to mesg @sam_the_transcendent#2591 about it, as well let us know by putting a message in the minecraft discord.