Player Bulletin – 02/07/20

What is this

This is the first of many player bulletins, this is where we let you know what’s going on with the server and what to expect from us. This will include things like our plan for the server, what features or systems we would like to add, the current state of the server, and whatever else we would like you all to know.

Featured Creations Update

Many of you saw the featured creations bulletin I released on the discord earlier this week, since then 7 entry’s have been added and the owners were notified before posting, due to not wanting to draw attention to your creations I can not add entries without the builder’s permission, so if you would like your creation posted either let me know or put your name on a sign near it so that I may contact you. You all have made some awesome things and I would like to put them on the website.

The current state of the server

Right now the Minecraft Server is being hosted on Caisson_Fairview’s computer, with the website’s being hosted on nomad’s server. This is a temporary setup and was put in place do to lag issues with our server host’s (Mario) internet. Once the internet issues are resolved the server will be moved back to Mario’s. This may occur anywhere from a few days away to a few months. The websites will likely stay on nomad’s server unless issues come up then they will be moved. We will work to make these transitions and smooth and as quick as possible.

Current Plan for the Server

We currently are thinking through the future of the Minecraft Server and what we would like to do with it. We have recently noticed that Virginia Tech doesn’t have a campus wide server and were thinking about opening up to the rest of campus. A few issues arise with this, server power, and a large enough mod team. Because of these issues this plan is still in development. If we decide to not open up the Virginia Tech we will likely work on keeping the server running for the next year (and next generation of Galipations). If you have any ideas on how to bring about these two plans or have input let us know.

The Mod Team

I don’t think the mod team has ever formally introduced them self’s and what they do, so Ill run through them for y’all. The lead of this project is mario, he is the original host and our main host, most of what leehallmc is was his work, as well as our graphic designer for the webstite. Sam_the_transcendent is our Minecraft specialist, he is responsible for things like the Hokiestone resource pack and helping us do things like get rid of the pillagers near spawn. Cassion_Fairview is our temporary host as well as server mod. And nomad is the systems engineer (although he can hardly be considered a true engineer), he is responsible for networking and setting things up like the website and making the server map easily accessible.